Trump Can Go Where Reagan Only Dreamed

“The White House on Sunday unveiled a $4.8 trillion budget proposal that would slash spending dramatically on foreign aid and social safety nets…”

Right direction. “Social safety nets” refer to charity. Charity should not be a function of government. Charity should be a voluntary choice. Foreign aid is even worse. Most foreign aid isn’t for national defense; it’s for the enabling of corrupt governments who abuse their own citizens. The most infamous example of foreign aid was Obama’s gift to Iran to build nuclear weapons for use against us. The more of these programs we cut, the better.

Under a Democratic Congress, the President’s budget priorities will not happen. The last Republican Congress, led by RINO Paul Ryan, was little better. At least they cut taxes. If we get a new Republican Congress in President Trump’s second term, the way will be clear to actually reduce the cost and SIZE of government, bring down spending and the national debt. For once, it would be the right direction. Not since Reagan have we had a President who meant any of this. Trump’s second term could accomplish things Reagan only dreamed about.

Voting matters this year, perhaps more than ever before. Who knows when we’ll ever again have a President who largely wants the right things, and who actually means what he says? After years of destruction under Clinton-Bush-Obama, President Trump could correct America’s course in a way that will sustain us for another generation.


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