The Church of the Left

Ben Shapiro: “This is the new church. It’s a church for folks on the Left, just like a lot of people go to church to be lectured by their pastor about all the sins that they’ve committed the prior weeks — [so] that they don’t commit those sins again; it’s like that at the Oscars. It’s the one time they go to church every year, and at that church they’re lectured about their insufficient Wokeness and if they wish to avoid anti-Woke hell, then they will have to pay homage and they will have to do confession with Joaquin Phoenix, which is a really weird type of confession.”

Correct. In the old days (or today), church ministers were often hypocrites. They preached one thing and did another — in secret. I’m not excusing it. But today, in the Church of the Left, it’s even worse. Arrogant, wealthy, haughty leftists preach to us about the evils of our driving Hondas or Chevrolets, or drinking milk from cows while they ride in limos, take chartered jets and live like Kings. There’s nothing wrong with self-made wealth. However: They don’t see the contradiction, so they don’t even attempt to hide it.

Sure, they’re arrogant hypocrites. But I have come to understand it’s even more basic than that. They’re simply stupid. Let’s get real. Actors are paid to read lines. While there’s nothing to stop an actor from being intelligent, most of them are not. Is it any wonder, as a group, they latch onto Communism while living the life of a Rockefeller? Should we really be surprised they don’t see their glaring inconsistencies? They’re just not that smart. It’s funny, if you stand back. If people buy it all, then it’s tragic. But based on the ratings collapse at the Oscars, millions and millions are no longer buying it. And THAT’S encouraging.


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