Partisan Impeachment of a President: Civil War II?

Dem Rep. Green: ‘No Limit’ to How Many Times We Can Try to Impeach Trump [Breitbart News]

I believe the United States is already in a civil war. The Democratic Party and the voters who support it do not want our Constitution or Bill of Rights. They want some form of Communism or fascism. President Trump is merely their excuse. They want to finish off America–and their brazenly Stalinesque approach to impeachment proves it. I consider them enemies of our country just as the Communists and National Socialists of an earlier era. No, they haven’t opened fire on dissenters, at least not yet. But everything else–honor, rule of law, decency, due process, even basic sanity–are all out the window. They don’t care if destroying President Trump means destroying America because they always hated America and all it stands for. It’s truly war.


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