Climate Change Advocates: Another Way of Saying, “Death to America”

Good grief. Yet ANOTHER U.N. “Climate Change” conference.

From Breitbart News:

Problem is, they say this every UN conference. It’s always the last chance to save the world. We’re always on the very edge of the tipping point. None of these people, clearly, has ever heard of the story of Chicken Little (or Chicken Licken as we call him in England).

But the global climate elite aren’t merely useless, they are also deeply ignorant. As exhibit A, I present an interview from a month back in which would-be presidential candidate and tireless environmental campaigner Mike Bloomberg is quizzed about one of the key awkward facts about climate change: that no matter how much the West chooses to cut its carbon dioxide emissions, China (and others, but most especially China) is going full speed ahead with its industrial development. As I reported a week ago in a piece titled ‘Greta Who?’ China now has as many new coal fired power plants in development as the ENTIRE capacity of the European Union.

It’s revealing. Climate change advocates CLAIM to care about the fate of the earth; and, by implication, the fate of man.

They care nothing for either.

If they cared about the fate of the earth, they would be just as upset about China’s use of fossil fuels as they are by America’s use of fossil fuels. But they only care about the use of fossil fuels by the U.S.

Why is this?

It’s because they hate America. America is the land of achievement, capitalism, rationality and freedom. No, maybe not as much as we used to be. But these values are most closely associated with America. And it’s why America has to be destroyed.

What better way to destroy America than to undermine its entire economy by reducing its primary means of fuel?

Climate change advocates are irrational in every conceivable way. If they MEANT what they said, they’d want to strip China of energy just as as they wish to strip America of energy. Of course, they only want to strip America of energy, because they despise America. They despise America because they despise freedom.

Obama despised America, and of course he supported climate change theory; that’s why he’s still their guy. President Trump is the exact opposite. And how fortunate we are that he came along.

But even if environmentalists WERE consistent, they’d still be profoundly irrational. If they sought to strip every country of its means of economic survival, then this would prove they don’t care about man; they only care about earth. They want the planet to survive, but not the people on it.

The poor souls who sign on for environmentalism think they’re signing on for the benefit of “our children, our grandchildren and the good of mankind”. Not at all. It’s not about the benefit of man. It’s about the benefit of a planet devoid of man.

They’re not paying attention to their leaders in the environmentalist movement. In the process, they give their children, their grandchildren — even poor Greta — a literal death sentence.

But most of all, climate change theory exists for the purpose of destroying the United States — and any remaining freedom along with it.

They’ve twisted, distorted and reduced science to power politics. They’ve taken our most important means for objective knowledge — science — and reduced it to … the concern of government.

The insane Pope reportedly wants to start condemning people for “climate sins”. Is there any greater sin than thwarting our means of knowledge — science — as this politically motivated climate change movement has done?



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