America Has Lost Its Reason

It’s really very simple. Either you value the truth — or the narrative. Not just in politics — but in family, life, business…anywhere.

When an individual stops valuing objective truth — facts, logic — then there’s no other alternative, other than your feelings. Usually, there’s a narrative, something that a person WANTS to be true, or FEELS should be true, or MUST be true, to replace what used to be a devotion to truth.

When your mind stops operating in service to the truth and starts operating in service to some particular narrative, you become unhealthy, irrational and even bad. It’s the end of rationality. It’s the end of healthy psychological functioning. It’s the decline of serenity.

The same applies to a society. The same applies to an entire political party. When reason and devotion to truth get replaced solely by subservience to a narrative — often a “group think” or mob rule — then a society becomes unhinged.

There has always been some of this in American society, of course. But it has reached a bizarre climax under the presidency of Donald Trump. Not because of Trump, but in response to him. Democrats and leftists all but openly say (and some do openly say), “It doesn’t matter what the truth is. Get Trump. Get Republicans. Whatever it takes to eradicate and destroy them. That’s all that matters”.

We are in a very, very dangerous, sick and bad situation right now in America. I don’t know how or whether we turn back from it. Because once millions of people determine that the narrative — their feelings — are more important even than their own liberty, and the freedom of their children, we are all in trouble. Unless I’m wrong, and unless millions of Democrats exit their party and come out and vote for Trump unexpectedly in 2020, then we have got real serious problems.

Once a person — or political party/movement, such as the Democrats — decide that they don’t CARE what happens and they don’t CARE who’s in charge of the government, so long as it’s not Donald Trump (or any other Republican, by the way), then the stage is set and the way is clear for all kinds of goons and loonies to come along and be taken seriously.

Enter the goons and loonies: AOC, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Jefferson statue-smashing Pete Buttigieg and all the others. These are people who would never have stood a chance in hell of being nominated for PRESIDENT OF THE U.S. five years ago. They stand for things like nationalization of the means of production — the very things Mao, Stalin and Hitler stood for! In America? They literally and openly brag about coming to your house and, even if you’re a peaceful citizen, confiscating your guns. Democrats applaud this, gleefully. How did we fall so fast, and so decisively?

Decades ago, Ayn Rand warned that liberty and freedom are not the most basic things. The most basic thing, she insisted, is REASON. When we lose our reason, we lose our freedom. Not immediately, but it’s only a matter of time. She saw it happening back in the 1950s and 1960s. Most thought she was nuts. Today, you’d have to be nuts NOT to see the unraveling of the American psyche.

Not all of us have lost our reason. Millions, even the Democrats who don’t live at home in their parents’ bedrooms or basement, productively and reasonably pursue their lives and interests daily. And we still have much of our freedom. But Donald Trump — not even any other Republican, because most Republicans are so hapless — is the ONLY firewall we have left between the U.S. Constitution and Maoist-style socialism. How did this happen?

The “moderate” Democrat Michael Bloomberg, former mayor of New York City, insists China is not a dictatorship. China, the one-party government where dissent is outlawed and people are jailed for having politically incorrect opinions. This is what a MODERATE Democrat is saying … that China doesn’t have a dictatorship.

And they say President Trump is a wild-eyed radical.

America, the extent to which it’s Democrat or left-leaning, has totally lost its reason. The good thing about reason is that you CAN get it back. But not on the course Democrats are going now.

Conservatives, Republicans, libertarians and others must remember: The only narrative that matters is objective truth. Facts. Logic. Those are all on your side. Cherish and foster them wisely.



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