Jill Biden: “Feel Sorry For Me”

Jill Biden’s message to Donald Trump: ‘Stop it. My husband’s going to beat you.’ [from NBC News]

In an exclusive interview with NBC News, Jill Biden said the president’s attacks on her family have been tougher than even she anticipated.

We’re supposed to feel sorry for Jill Biden because her grown son is being held accountable for his ACTUAL, undoubtedly illegal actions — AFTER he and his father accuse the President of the United States for doing things he did NOT do, and for which no evidence exists.

It just goes to show how the snowflake mentality is not an age thing. It’s a leftist thing. Joe Biden might seem reasonable next to the modern-day equivalents of Marx, Mao, bin Laden and Mussolini running for President in his party. But these people are all the same. They weaponize the law for use against people they dislike and whose views they do not share. They have done this in a subtle way for years. It comes from never, ever having been anything but a career politician and member of the government.

In the era of Trump — a Republican for the first time who stands up to them and actually gives it all right back — they now feel liberated to unleash not just their tears, but their true inner totalitarians. Jill Biden thinks tears will work. Tears will work — but only with people who already support the leftist maniacs.

Remember that Joe Biden is the one who called opponents of Obamacare “terrorists”. Remember that Biden’s boss, the “moderate” Obama, not only spied on and tried to undermine a presidential candidate of the other major party, but also threatened things (from his Attorney General) like criminalizing questioning “climate science” or the criticism of Islam.

These are not nice people. These are not good people. I do not care about their family heartaches. They bring this ENTIRELY on themselves.


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