The Secret of Elizabeth Warren’s Success (so far)

Elizabeth Warren is rising in the polls as the new front runner for the Democrats.

The secret of her success? She makes her positions MORAL issues.

She doesn’t call for a more efficient Wall Street, or a better economy. She doesn’t even stop at the usual platitudes for making the rich pay more of their “fair share”.

Instead, she says things like: “Stop the Wall Street looting”.

Her campaign against capitalism is a moral crusade. It’s frankly not that different from the terrorists who wrecked Manhattan on 9/11/01. She doesn’t propose knocking down skyscrapers. But she does propose stealing most of the wealth that keeps those skyscrapers standing. And doing so in the name of what she calls virtue — just like those terrorists did.

In her mind, the battle against capitalism is a moral crusade. She’s counting on the people who favor capitalism to never defend it morally. The most she can expect to hear? “Capitalism works better”. And of course it does. But what about the argument that it’s morally bad? That’s all we hear from the left. Are we supposed to be bad people while living more comfortably?

Warren is right to bring morality into the picture. However, the looters are NOT the people doing business on Wall Street. The looters are in Washington DC. She is one of them — one of the biggest, given that she stands positioned to steal trillions upon trillions of dollars from Americans, including many not yet born, to pay for “free” medical care and college for today’s citizens (and non-citizens, it turns out).

If she wins the Democratic nomination, it will be because she outbid all the others — even Bernie Sanders, possibly — in what she plans to steal from the private economy.

Democrats: For people who HATE capitalism, they sure LOVE money.

The private economy is based on voluntary trade, and rational decisions of millions of willing customers and suppliers. Rational incentives exist for course correcting when making errors. All of this refers to MORAL behavior. None of it is present in socialism, and it overwhelmingly dominates capitalism — unfettered capitalism, most of all.

Yes, Warren is right to talk about morality.

The problem is that her moral code is exactly the WRONG one.

If Donald Trump wants to beat her, he will have to do more than call her “Fauxahauntus”, although that will be fun to watch. He also has to offer the opposite approach to morality. He has to morally defend Wall Street, not for any special perks or favors they get from the government — but because they’re actually taking risks and MAKING the money they earn. They are not seizing and redistributing wealth. That’s what career politicians do. They’re MAKING wealth. If they weren’t making the wealth, then Elizabeth Warren would be running for the presidency of Venezuela, a place which embraces her ideas but she’d never want to be president of. Yet that’s precisely where her moral code will take us.

Millions of middle class Americans have a portion of their savings or retirement invested in stocks. Who do they think manages those stocks? Who do they think takes responsibility for ensuring there is a profitable stock market? The risk and trauma can be tremendous, and most of us would want NO part of being a day trader. Yet millions of us have the audacity (not in a good way) to applaud an ignorant parasite like Warren when she calls them “looters”! It’s sickening.

President Trump should ask her, “Why don’t they have a Wall Street in Venezuela? Or Cuba?” She’ll evade the question and call him a woman hater, but it will hopefully make a few lost souls supporting the Democratic left THINK … if only for a moment.

Most of us don’t know what people on Wall Street actually do. The successful ones do make a lot of money. Sometimes a ton of money. But nothing comes without the risk of loss. And actual losses are almost always part of the process. Tune in to Fox Business or CNBC to find the things they’re talking about; every day, even in a booming stock market/economy, there are losses, disappointments and even devastating losses.

In a truly moral debate where the terms are rational and where morality means self-responsibility and objective improvement, capitalism wins hands down. If suffering, despair and martyrdom are your thing, then you belong in Venezuela or the old Soviet Union … not in America.

Elizabeth Warren is the truly immoral parasite. She acts like the money is HERS to take and give to whomever she wants. And she’s NOT doing it selflessly (not that I advocate selflessness). She’s doing it for fame, fortune and power. I believe it’s power most of all. And the people who love power most of all are truly the most evil.

Elizabeth Warren fits the bill.


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