The Unhealthy Thinking Behind “It’s Not FAIR!”

“Transgender Man: Women Won’t Date Me, And That’s Not Fair” (headline of a Daily Wire article)

I won’t even read the article. I could not care less about what the transgender man/woman has to say. I really don’t care at all.

My main beef is with the phrase, “It’s not fair”. Regardless of who’s using it.

Yes, life isn’t fair. But the issue is deeper than that.

“Fairness” applies to a particular human standard. Hopefully a rational, objective one.

Standards are practiced and upheld — or ignored/violated — only by human beings. Your cat or your dog is neither fair nor unfair. Your furniture, your automobile or your clothing are neither fair nor unfair. ONLY humans can be fair or unfair.

I won’t even talk here about what “fairness” actually is, or should be.

What I’m objecting to — not just with this obviously whiny “transgender”, but with a LOT of people — is the idea that you’re entitled to fairness.

No, you’re NOT entitled to fairness. [insert outraged gasp here]

Human beings have free will. They have freedom of choice. They get to choose how to respond to their environments. Choice is inescapable, in fact.

No, you don’t chose everything. But you certainly have choices over whether to be fair or unfair — according to whatever your understanding of that term actually means.

We expect three-year-olds, or even ten-year-olds, to say things like, “That’s not fair!” with the implication that they are entitled to something better. But they’re wrong. That’s why we call them immature, at that age. That’s why, if we’re rational, we tell them things like, “Life isn’t fair”. Of course, the better answer would be: “People are not always fair. They don’t have to be, even if they should”.

Isn’t the point of growing up supposed to be reaching a state of maturity or rationality? Doesn’t maturity include a realization of the fact that people do not HAVE to be fair, nor even to accept YOUR particular standard of fairness? That so long as they keep HANDS OFF your body and property, you’re really not entitled to ANYTHING ELSE AT ALL from any of them, at any time?

We wonder why so much of our world, at least the part we look to for governance, intelligence and wisdom, has gone to hell in a handbasket.

The headline of this article tells you all you need to know.


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