America Poised to Murder Health Care

“Amid ‘Medicare-for-all’ debate in US, Britain sounds alarm over historic waiting lists”, says a Fox News headline.

As “Medicare-for-all” dominates the debate in America’s Democratic presidential primary, a new report released by the British government on its National Health Service, or NHS, offers a warning on the downsides of a single-payer system.

The report on the government-run NHS system in England, released last month, details increased wait times for services ranging from emergency room visits to cancer care. And the study reports historic waiting lists totaling over 4.5 million people, up 40 percent in five years, for treatment with specialists.

“Cancer waiting times are the worst on record,” the report also declares.

What’s the saying? The grass is always greener on the other side…

Millions of Americans foolishly think we can avoid the waiting lines, delay for cancer treatment and all the rest of socialized mecidine.

They think that profit in medical care is somehow distasteful or bad. Yet without profit, where’s the incentive to excel? Without freedom and liberty, how can medical minds THINK and deliver the excellence that we only seem to get in America, the most capitalist system that ever existed? Bureaucracy and THINKING don’t go together!

For decades, “health care reform” has consisted of more spending, more regulation, more socialization and more movement away from profit. Obamacare was the most recent example. It has ALL failed.

So what’s the answer? A deregulated, free market system would be a fresh and radically different approach. Instead, we’re being offered a COMPLETE and TOTAL government takeover. It’s truly madness. It goes against everything we know.

People like Sanders and Warren were on the hopeless fringe of American politics as recently as 5 years ago. Now they stand poised to impose catastrophe not just on medical care, but on everything. It’s mass suicide, if it happens.


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