A Huge Fan of “Life’s a Beach” by Dr. Hurd

Dear Dr. Hurd: I was just sitting here at my desk, frantically searching through my bag for some documents that I thought I had left at my other office (turns out I had already taken them out in my pre-coffee morning haze and just forgot) when I came across one of your article clippings. The one regarding “should” distorted thinking and how you choose how you respond to situations outside of your control. Which¬† is a sentiment that I have based one of my classroom guidance lessons around and is something that I often find myself discussing with students and parents!

I currently work as an elementary school counselor, a therapist at a private practice …, and I’m an adjunct and Ed.D advisor for [a major university]. As you can imagine, your columns target everything that I have based my career around. No matter what the topic, your words resonate and I can always use your thoughts in my own practice. Because of this, my dad [whom I visit at the beach] makes it a point to read your articles, to clip them for me, and to discuss them with me over Sunday morning coffee before I trek back [home]. This is something that I truly love. Not only for the wisdom you share (that I can then go back and share with my students and parents) but, for the time and the connection that your words allow my dad and I to have. That is something that I am forever grateful for. He’s everything and your articles have given us a meaningful and warming way to connect.

I know I speak for many when I say your words resonate and they create a ripple effect when readers pass them along.