Elizabeth Warren is a Fool; So Are Her Supporters

Elizabeth Warren says you can pay for unlimited “free” health care for a mere $52 trillion. It can be done, she says, by hiking taxes on the wealthiest 1 percent of Americans.

The idiot thinks stealing 70 or 90 percent of profits from top income earners will not alter their behavior. She thinks they won’t move, hide or shelter their money. She thinks they won’t produce far less (thereby reducing tax revenue) since she has taken away their incentive for producing more.

She thinks there are no consequences for soaking the rich, assuming you can even do it. She takes the amount of wealth in our semi-capitalist society as a GIVEN. She doesn’t stop to consider why socialist countries have no capital.

She and her ignorant, hapless supporters will bring down the greatest, most prosperous country in all of human history. We cannot let it happen.



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