Obsessed, Weird Morons

This sums it all up better than I can say:

Shem Horne (via Facebook):

What we are seeing now from the left and the media, just completely ignoring all facts and refusing to accept the Ukrainian hoax is over, is a direct result of them all living in an insane bubble where they just listen to each other talk all day long. They do this every time.

This entire thing has been over since President Trump called their bluff and released the transcript. Everything we’ve learned since then has further debunked it. Yet they act like they’re winning and Trump will be removed from office any day now. It’s psychotic and predictable.

These obsessed, weird morons would rather live in a world where they repeatedly lie to themselves about the President than accept the reality that he won, and that he will be President at least until 2020 (and probably until 2024). Just be thankful that you aren’t one of them.


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