Grow Up, Never Trumpers

President Trump is a “Child”? Give Me a Break!

Sunday on ABC’s “This Week”, former Rep. Joe Walsh said he was mounting a 2020 Republican primary challenge to President Donald Trump.

Walsh said, “I’m running because [Trump’s] unfit, somebody needs to step up, and there needs to be an alternative. The country is sick of this guy’s tantrum. He’s a child.”

I am sick of people calling President Donald Trump “a child”.

A child is someone who screams and shouts when he doesn’t get his way. A child is someone who expects others to take care of him. A child is someone who lacks the maturity or capacity to keep his word, or stay single-tracked on a purpose. NONE of these things describes President Trump!

If a child were capable of being a politician, a child would be a socialist. Because it’s the socialists who scream, shout and throw tantrums every minute of every day. “Gimmee, gimmee, gimmee!” Free health care, free college, free everything. Talk about a prolonged tantrum. They want what they want — for FREE, provided by others. Like children.

This unknown twit running for President against Trump might as well be one of the 35 Democrats (I have lost count) running against Trump. The President will eat him alive. What alternative would Joe Walsh offer? Higher taxes? More regulation? Open immigration? For years, Republicans have blasted all these things. Now that Trump is delivering — the first Republican to do so since Ronald Reagan — the Never Trumpers in the GOP want to go back to being Democrats. They are worse liars than the Democrats.

The things that supposedly “childish” Trump stands for used to be non-controversial even among Democrats, if you go back to the JFK years with tax cuts included. And you only have to go back to Obama to find opposition to open borders in the Democratic Party.

People who call President Trump a “child” evade the obvious facts. While Trump’s style does not suit everyone, his actions speak for themselves. He keeps his promises. He goes after what he wants. He acts within the boundaries of the Constitution (Obama didn’t), and he speaks with clarity and purpose. He loves America. If America were attacked by an enemy tomorrow, he would not give us lectures on how racist we are, as Obama routinely did when Muslims attacked America.

It’s beyond insane that people on the socialist side consider Donald Trump a child. If children could advocate for a philosophy, it would be the narcissism and injustice of socialism. It would not be making America great again. That’s for sure!

Grow up, Never Trumpers.

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