Deconstructing a Snowflake

The essence of a snowflake? It’s not political leftism. That’s just a consequence.

What makes a snowflake a snowflake: The inability/unwillingness to see the consequences or impact of one’s own actions. Snowflakes live in their HEADS.

Snowflakes have a rational, objective capacity just like anyone else. The problem is they don’t know how to use it.

Your reasoning mind suffers from lack of use. When you don’t use your thinking brain, you have no choice but to default to feelings — and feelings alone.

When all you have are feelings and emotions, you lack a sense of the objective impact of your own thoughts, deeds, words and emotions.

Snowflakes are constantly upset about what they see as the insensitivity or callousness of others in their lives. However, they fail to see the insensitivity and callousness of their own actions. They’re too busy feeling the impact of others to notice their own impact.

This leads to a sense of entitlement and chronic injustice. “Nobody cares. Nobody thinks about me.” A rational person has feelings. But a rational person also thinks. “Joe did X. Sue didn’t do X. Here’s how I interpret it. Let me think about whether that’s true.”

All a snowflake knows is that he FEELS outraged, hurt, put upon or otherwise offended.

It’s easy to see how such a mentality leads to political socialism, social justice warriorism, leftism, and all the rest. You don’t have to develop political views, but if you are a snowflake you will definitely develop into some kind of leftist. Given your programming, you have no choice. Because it takes thoughts, reality, reason, logic and facts to conceive of a free market order based on individual well-being and accountability. To snowflakes, these concepts are an assault.

Snowflakes only feel because they never learned to think. Either nobody ever taught them, or they habitually evade the effort to think. We’re seeing more and more snowflakes because schools generally only concentrate on feelings. Schools define their central purpose as developing self-esteem in a child, and they falsely identify self-esteem as FEELING good about yourself. It’s not how you feel about yourself that gives you self-esteem. It’s how well you learn to think and use your mind. The more efficacious your brain is, the better you will FEEL about yourself and life. Because most schools and parents get this wrong, we’re seeing the massive number of snowflakes — along with all the political leftism — that’s proliferating today.


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