How to Respond to People Who Call You a Hater

I am so tired of hearing “hater” used as an accusation.

It’s an accusation with no meaning whatsoever.

The implication is, “If you hate something or someone, that means you’re bad.”

But how on earth can that be true?

Before knowing if someone is bad, you have to know a lot more. WHAT do you hate, and WHY? Do you hate something or someone because of what you LOVE – or because you hate everything? There’s a big difference. If you hate because you love, then that means you value something or someone. If what you value is rational, then it makes you a GOOD person, not a bad one.

To imply that hate is the thing to avoid at all costs means that all you have to do is love – at all costs. Love everyone. Equally and the same, whether they bring value to your life, or whether they are coming at you with a machine gun. (That’s the gun’s fault, by the way – not the person aiming the gun.)

Seriously: It’s absurd to suggest that hate is automatically and always wrong, and to imply that love is automatically and always right.

I have had enough of it.

I LOVE liberty. I LOVE America – or at least what it originally stood for, which is individual sovereignty over one’s own life, property and happiness. I LOVE freedom. I LOVE reason. I LOVE economic, scientific and technological advancement. I LOVE man – at his best, the thinking, productive and creative man. I LOVE human nature when it’s free — to do wrong (which will happen with some anyway), but also to do what’s creative, competent, efficient and brilliant.

My values – the things I LOVE and cherish – transcend race or tribe. I HATE it when people say I’m racist because of the things I love, values that have nothing whatsoever to do with race or tribe, and which in fact override them.

I HATE intellectual dishonesty. I hate savagery, particularly the totally non-innocent, intellectually dishonest and psychologically cruel savagery we see today. It’s not physical or literal savagery (in most cases); it’s psychological and verbal. I HATE terrorism. I HATE people who put down the greatest and most peaceful, productive civilization human beings have ever known while upholding religious and economic totalitarian dictatorships.

I LOVE what I LOVE and I stand by what I love and value. And of course I hate anything that seeks to obliterate anything or anyone I love.

If you don’t hate the things that will destroy what you love, then something is deeply wrong in your thinking.


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