Leftist Puritans Want You to Stop Using A.C.

Much of the country will see record-setting heat this week, causing many to turn down their thermostat in an effort to keep cool.

But Energy Star, a federal program run by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy, said in a report that thermostats should be set at 78 degrees for optimum comfort and savings.

Yup, 78. [from USA Today 8/20/19]

Now do you see why I call leftist environmentalists, and the EPA, modern-day Puritans?

Setting your temperature at 78 will solve nothing. It’s tantamount to turning OFF your a.c. — to living without air conditioning. All it will do is foster SUFFERING.

The supposed purpose here is to save the planet — for human beings — while making life MISERABLE and intolerable for human beings in the meantime.

It makes no sense on its own terms, does it? Until you understand that leftists and environmentalists are moral Puritans. It’s human beings they seek to punish — precisely because human beings are comfortable (thanks to a.c.), and precisely because some human beings (thankfully) are smart enough to develop such technology for us all to enjoy.

Traditional, religious Puritans don’t like it when man outshines God. Today’s leftists don’t like it when … well, when man shines period. It’s the same mentality. It’s worse, if anything. The leftists don’t want to savor our suffering for the higher purpose of an afterlife or a Superior Being. They want us to do it for the sake of government control, and for the sake of suffering.

Global warming is, as President Trump has stated, a hoax. Ten minutes of studying the science will tell you that scientists need centuries and centuries of data before they can establish correlations — much less causal relationships — between human activity on earth and the status of the weather. So many variables are involved in the weather that we don’t even know precisely what causes it. How arrogant to assume we have that knowledge already. We just know that it’s the weather. And it’s all we can do to predict the weather 2 days ahead of time, much less two decades or two centuries ahead. This should never have become a controversy.

By the way, do you think your leftist “progressive” friends, who will applaud this recommendation, will practice it themselves? Do you think the EPA will practice it? Do you think politicians in the miserably hot, humid swamp of Washington DC will practice it? Not for a minute. Rules and regulations are for the little people. Not for them. We already know that from countless examples.

It’s really sick. And it’s really wrong. Stop listening to Leftist Puritans. They’re bad for your health, and for your world.


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