What’s Going on With Young People?

What’s happening with so many young people? Why are they acting out the madness that seems to be taking over such a technologically and materially advanced society?

Secular and character need not be mutually exclusive. But what children are served up today in schools are subjectivism, “feelings as king”, paired with a self-righteous, hypocritical closed-mindedness to any viewpoints outside of the politically correct ones. Many young persons don’t worry about being smart or successful; they worry about being sensitive. It’s just crazy.

At the root of all this is opposition to reason. Reason, facts and logic are a young person’s best friend. They are how all of us — of any age, whatever our circumstances — survive and (hopefully) flourish. Yet from an early age children are taught to put feelings above facts. And we wonder why so many young persons today suffer from extreme anxiety attacks, “ADHD” and all the other maladies never seen before, at least not on a scale like this.

Their teachers (trained at colleges where subjectivism reigns) declared war on their minds and left them with largely ruined psyches, in many cases. The ones “lucky” enough to go to college will be assaulted by subjectivist, anti-reality (generally Communist or fascist) professors, with only heroic and rare exception — most of it in the “hard” sciences such as physics, biology, etc. although those are now getting corrupted by the p.c. of environmentalism.

It’s just so sad. Tragic, really. We could be so very far beyond where we are. It’s like the intellectual and psychological equivalent of a slow suicide. The only time most of us see it is when someone acts it out, like these shooters do with increasing frequency.


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