Why Do So Many Young People Shoot?

It’s cool to ask, “Why don’t we get rid of the guns?”

It’s much harder to ask, “Why do so many young people WANT to shoot?”

Leftist “progressives” are the ones who wish to outlaw guns. They say you’re in favor of violence if you don’t agree. If you try to debate them, they will call you “racist”.

The thing they do NOT want you to think about is what their ideas and policies have done to society. Leftists and self-described progressives dominate everything: sports, entertainment, schools, universities and the corporate world. THEY are in charge. How well are we doing under their rule and influence?

Government-run schools — where most if not all of these young shooters are educated — release into society kids who think with their feelings. Some of them are delusional socialists and tired of waiting for what they FEEL is theirs. So they become crazy.

Most young people, for better or worse, listen to the media. They listen to their sports, music and entertainment heroes. Those heroes, almost without exception, tell them their feelings are king and they are entitled to whatever they want. That can lead to different types of political irrationality, or not be about politics at all. But it’s always about one thing: FEELINGS are king.

If rationality is the standard of mental health, then many, many graduates of government schools are, in some measure, crazy. No, most are not violent. Most will not become violent. Most don’t act out the craziness with guns, but some do — more than ever before.

Has it occurred to anyone else that this is what’s happening?

If we started to think about what’s wrong in the heads and minds of the young people who want to shoot innocent people, we might get somewhere.

But instead, we scream about outlawing guns. What in the hell is that going to do? Go ahead, outlaw guns for peaceful people. Violence will worsen, if anything. What then?

Outlawing gun ownership for law abiding citizens has become the popular but brainless solution to these senseless massacres. As long as we refuse to consider alternate solutions which do not punish citizens by denying them their 2nd Amendment rights, we will remain confused and hopeless.

I’m sad about the deaths. But I’m even sadder that nobody will ask the right questions.


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