Earth to Mueller: There is no Middle Ground

Robert Mueller is a throwback to the old days — when Democrats were Democrats, and Republicans tried to appease them. In the Trump era, Republicans no longer appease leftists. And Democrats now display their amoral ugliness out in the open.

The Democrats grilling Mueller today are basically saying, “Hey. Pick a side. You’re either with us, in bringing down President Trump and his policies — or you’re toast”. All that matters is bringing down President Trump. NOTHING else matters, and any price is worth it.

And then there are the Republicans grilling him for different reasons. You almost have to feel a little sorry for Mueller. But then again — maybe not. He should have known to pick the right side — not just Trump, but the truth. He tried to tread a middle course, and you can’t do that in the real world, not when things are like this. Not when the country seems to be on the brink of some kind of a civil war.

Rep. Collins (R-GA): “Is it true the evidence gathered during your investigation did not establish that the president was involved in the underlying crime related to Russian election interference?”

Robert Mueller: “We found insufficient evidence of the president’s culpability”.

Uh-oh. Mueller’s going to pay for that one. Democrats don’t care about objective truth. Not even the pretense of it. They want Mueller to do their dirty work. I guess this is what the psychological and political equivalent of civil war looks like.


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