Why Do Democrats Say Such STUPID Things?

Why do Democratic candidates for President say such stupid things? Like there should be no such thing as an illegal alien, for example? That we should decriminalize illegal citizenship, as new front-runner Kamala Harris now claims? Or that tax rates should be 70 percent, even 90 percent? That private health insurance, and private medicine, should be outlawed? Are these policies REALLY what most people want — even many Democrat-voters? It remains to be seen. But it’s reasonable to assume not.

So why do they do it? Why do they keep saying these insanely stupid things, even if they do believe them? Because they only talk to people like themselves. They live in intellectual echo chambers. They shut out Fox News (not that Fox is what it used to be). They don’t read free market thinkers. They won’t go near Ayn Rand. They won’t consider Breitbart News, the Heritage Foundation or the Cato Institute’s analyses. They don’t watch President Trump’s speeches. Dissenting opinions do not enter their context. They never have, and they never will. So their ignorance and insane stupidity take on a life of their own. The result is the spectacle of these 25 or so Communists now running for President of the United States of America.

People on the other side — the non-left side — have no choice but to be exposed to leftism. It’s everywhere. You can’t enjoy a single movie or television show without later getting a Communist lecture from the performer in the show, or the concert, or the sports event. Most people can’t afford private schools, and public schools are littered with teachers ignorant of any point-of-view other than the leftist one. Even many private schools probably are mostly leftist. Universities have been Marxist for decades, at least in the “soft” science departments like history, political science and social science.

The bottom line is: If you’re a leftist, you don’t have to KNOW anything other than leftism. If you’re NOT a leftist, then you have no choice but to be exposed to the overwhelmingly one-sided point-of-view in every single area of our culture: government, academia, media, corporate life and entertainment. They are all overwhelmingly LEFTIST.

I realize Democratic presidential primaries are leftist enterprises by definition. But they have never, ever been this bad. There has always been at least a pretense of trying to reach out to more moderate voters, even moderate Democrats (who were always left of center, but not necessarily total Communists). Yet what we’re seeing today in the Democratic Party is outright Communism. It’s total insanity. However, it makes psychological sense when you consider these insane, idiotic people only talk to themselves and each other.

Here’s hoping they get a real wake-up call on Election Day 2020. They have to. President Trump doesn’t just have to win. He has to win big. Otherwise, this Communist-fascist turn in the Democratic Party will remain an ever-present and growing threat to our republic as we have known it for 250 years.



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