Suddenly, the NFL Doesn’t Like Politics?!

“Patriots likely won’t do Super Bowl champion visit to White House” coos an MSN headline. They have always done so in the past, but now they want to “stay out of the political fray”. I’m so sick of this. It’s nothing more than corporate virtue-signaling.

Do Americans have a right not to visit the President of the U.S.? Of course. It would be unAmerican to suggest otherwise. But the virtue-signaling rests on the premise of anti-Americanism. Our cowardly or Communist corporate “leaders” don’t want to be SEEN as anything other than leftist. Leftism is against the American Bill of Rights, and in favor of the ideas of Karl Marx. Donald Trump strays too far off the party line. It’s that simple. It’s the same thing that leads Facebook and Twitter to delete conservative posts (ONLY conservative posts) and it’s the same thing that leads musical and Hollywood stars on the left to speak out while others remain silent and closeted.

I wish for once somebody would just be honest. Just once I wish they’d say, “I’m worried what people would think of me if I went to the White House. I don’t want to be seen as not cool.” That’s really all it is — juvenile and adolescent. Some heroes they are. And how disgraceful of them to squander their freedom by supporting people who want to turn us into Soviet Russia or Venezuela.

Rest assured this will never happen under a Democratic administration. You can count on NO CONCERN whatsoever of Super Bowl champs visiting a President Elizabeth Warren or a President Joe Biden. Staying out of the political fray when a leftist is in charge? Quite the opposite. And it would be the media equivalent of a federal case — tried and convicted in the universally leftist media — if such a thing ever happened. Not that it will.


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