Borderline Personality Disorder and Snowflake America

In psychology, there’s a term called “borderline personality disorder”. Borderline personalities see themselves as victims, even though they’re not victims. Usually, they blame everything on their parents. Interestingly, in their failure to launch, they typically remain at home with their parents into their 20s, 30s and even beyond. This helplessness and failure reinforces their unhealthy narrative that their parents are to blame for everything.

And yet: If their parents are so evil, aren’t they the last people they would wish to live with? Wouldn’t they make it the central purpose of their lives to move away, and get away from their evil family?

Leftists remind me of borderline personalities. In fact, leftism is the sociopolitical equivalent of borderline personality disorder. Leftists HATE America. They HATE the Bill of Rights. They HATE dissenting opinion, even though America was built on dissenting opinion and the First Amendment. They HATE material progress, which is why they embrace socialism and environmentalism, which will rid us of economic prosperity, for sure.

Yet leftists are like the borderline personality. Why stay in the country you HATE? They rationalize that they will change it. Or transform it. But why? By screaming about their alleged victimhood and emotionally blackmailing people into participating in their own self-destruction. Borderlines and leftists both do this!

The rest of the world is based on principles opposite of America’s. Nobody else in the world has a First and Second Amendment. Nobody else, at least no large economy, has the degree of capitalism we have had. Few have taxes as low. So why not go to the places you LOVE and exit the one place you hate?

That’s my question: Both for borderline personalities (on the local level) and for leftists-socialists-fascists on the sociopolitical level.

We already know the answer, of course. Leftists, like borderline personalities, are not curable. They don’t want to be cured. They want to be victims. They want to hate us and blame us — the decent, the productive — so they can feel like victims. They are haters, plain and simple. We — the rational, the life-loving and the healthy — let them control us at our peril.


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