Battery Acid Warrior

“Farage Demands Police Action over BBC Comic Jo Brand’s Battery Acid Joke” [Breitbart headline]

A leftist British “comic” wants battery acid thrown on people who oppose the European Union, support lower taxes, rational borders and a strong military. Dissenters will be brutally punished.

Leftists on both sides of the Atlantic are a violent bunch. They burst with fantasies of inflicting pain and suffering on others while simultaneously bathing themselves in an aura of peace, nongendered personhood and tolerance. They are so filled with hate and violent tendencies they cannot contain themselves. The mere fact anyone with differing views even exists puts them in pervasive, perpetual fits of all-consuming rage.

It all makes sense. Leftism is Communism. And fascism. Dictatorship is dictatorship, regardless of how you label it. It’s all based on brute force, compulsion and literal physical extermination of one’s enemies. They call themselves progressives, but none of it is new. The world has endured it all before.

Wake up, America (and Britain). Sadly, our biggest enemy is at home.


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