More on Why “Gay Pride” is Absurd

Cynthia Farahat, a reader of mine and an immigrant from Egypt, wrote the following about the absurdity of “gay pride”:

“I was the first person in 100 million people to draft institutional bylaws against persecuting and harassing members of the LGBT community inside an Egyptian Institution. I did that in my political in party, (Masr el-Om) later named, the Egyptian Liberal Party was the first Institution in Egypt where gays were welcomed, reached leadership positions and were open about their sexuality and felt comfortable and safe. And it wasn’t an easy battle in the party, and I conditioned my presence in the party with accepting gays, and I also did so while Mubarak’s regime threatened to put me in a 3rd world prison cell for it. I am very proud of that.

But, twerking in the street in a thong doesn’t convey that message, it undermines it. Being proud of one’s achievements is legitimate, being proud of one’s sexual orientation or biology, is like saying I’m proud I like spaghetti instead of penne and I dance in my underwear in the street to prove it, it is sort of sad and doesn’t make the most ardent gay rights advocates even connect the dots between pride of overcoming persecution and people dressed in sexual Halloween costumes twerking at senior citizens and children.”


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