Why Robert Mueller is Evil

“If you noticed, Mueller completely inverted the foundation of the American judicial system — that citizens are innocent until proven guilty. Instead, Mueller changed the principle from innocent until proven guilty to guilty until exonerated.” [Liz Sheld, PJMedia]

Robert Mueller is truly evil.

So are his cohorts in Congress and the “deep state”. But Mueller’s worse. He legitimizes evil under the code of legality, impartiality and legitimacy.

Nobody looks at Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden or Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and expects anything decent, rational or just. But Mueller’s entire investigation was set up exactly for that purpose: To pass something off as credible with no evidence underlying it whatsoever.

Those of us with a brain — defined as independent thinking — as well as those of us who don’t rely solely on MSNBC or CNN for our perspectives — knew it was a pretense from day one.

But it doesn’t change the fact that to act as a parasite on a good and legitimate concept — objectivity — in order to advance your own personal and political purposes, as Mueller plainly did, is downright evil.

I’m always saying we’ll know we’re in a dictatorship when the First and Second Amendments are gone. Another indication of dictatorship is when our legal system abandons the doctrine of innocent until proven guilty.

Now, in Robert Mueller’s America, President Trump — and by extension his millions of supporters — are likewise guilty unless or until exonerated by the government.

You can rest assured that in Robert Mueller’s world, nobody with incorrect ideas will ever be exonerated. President Trump’s treatment not just by media but by established legal figures gives you a window into what life under a dictatorship will look like for all of us with dissenting views.

President Trump is the only firewall between THIS mentality of a dicatorship and any remnant of actual justice in this country. It’s shameful so many of us let it get to this point.


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