Pope Francis’ Continuing War Against Liberty, Markets & Freedom

Wow. Pope Francis really is a totalitarian and a Communist. Of the first order.

“In the current situation of globalization not only of the economy but also of technological and cultural exchanges, the nation-state is no longer able to procure the common good of its population alone,” Pope Francis told the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, according to Catholic News Agency.

What this really means: It’s easier to impose a one-size-fits-all totalitarian rule on the entire world than on a bunch of nation-states. Enough with nation-states and single countries. Especially the United States with its pesky Constitution and ridiculous Bill of Rights. These things get in the way of a small elite of demigods — housed in The Hague, London, Moscow or even Washington DC — imposing its will on the entire world.

The “common good” — according to whom? Those forced to provide the good, and give up their rights, so the Pope may impose on the entire world his definition of “good”? That’s human slavery.

A world government in support of the rights of the individual, including the rights to private property and free speech — THAT would be a welcome development. But to date, the world has barely been able to secure a single nation-state in support of such rights. The United States of America is the closest the world ever got. THAT’S the thing this Pope and his fellow collectivists feel compelled to destroy.

Markets? Forget it. Private enterprise pollutes the environment, say the Pope and his Commie comrades. What about the incalculable reduction in human suffering that came about from the innovations and inventions of the free market, in the United States (the most free market nation in history) more than anywhere else? Forget about it. With God’s will, and the will of the world government, we will all be provided for, right?

America’s snowflakes would perish in panic attacks after ten minutes of no capitalism. Yet they rush to support the same sort of socialist-Communist-collectivism the Pope smugly upholds from his bed of capitalist creature comforts in Rome. It’s beyond sickening. There’s truly no word for it. Other than evil.

Individual rights? Like the right to own a gun for self-protection, including against a tyrannical government? Forget about it. The right to free speech? Not if you say hateful things — particularly against the ruling authorities. The ruling authorities, although omnipotent and omniscient demigods (in their own narcissistic minds), are human, after all. And if they’re going to take care of all our health care, college tuition, housing and food needs, and simultaneously ensure we don’t have to work a day of our lives, then we have to spare their feelings. So forgot about the First Amendment.

It sounds sarcastic and exaggerated, but it’s all literally true, in practice, at least once you have the totalitarian “utopia” this Pope so clearly seems to long for.

When Pope Francis comes out against the “nation-state”, what he’s really coming out against is freedom. It’s an evil sentiment and an evil idea, although not a new one. There’s nothing “progressive” about the regressive nature of human slavery.

The Pope, while possessing no political power himself, speaks for the ruling class of despots-in-waiting, including in our own Democratic Party leftist government-corporate establishment here in America.

The Pope is an evil man, and his ideology is an evil one. And there’s nothing new about it.



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