Facebook Escalates Its War Against Non-Leftists

Imagine if Donald Trump owned Facebook. Now let’s say he decided to eliminate all “extremists” from the platform. Yet the only “extremists” eliminated are on the left; none are on the right. Ilhan Omar, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and that type — they’d all be gone. In fact, if you tried to post to their websites, you’d get banned yourself.

This is precisely what Facebook has done. Yet nobody seems to care, except for the people affected.

It’s true that Facebook is a private company. But they shouldn’t be allowed to get away with claiming they’re only getting rid of “extremists” when, in fact, they’re only getting rid of right-wingers they dislike. It stands to reason that list of disliked right-wingers will grow, and the margin considered “too extreme” will grow wider and wider.

Keep in mind that while Facebook is a private company, its owner, Mark Zuckerberg, has called for government regulation of social media. So his claims to being a private company doing what it wishes ring hollow. He doesn’t care about free enterprise and private property rights. Why else would he be a Democrat and a socialist? And why else would he only obliterate voices from the right in the name of “fighting extremism”?

Leftists call for violence against conservatives on a daily basis. They will never be banned, not from Facebook. Right-wingers rarely if ever call for violence. They are banned for their views, and for nothing else.

By the way, when someone calls you an extremist, what they really mean is: “I have no principles. And your principles make me uncomfortable.” People without principles have no legs to stand on, because it’s only with principles you can win an argument. The question isn’t whether you should have principles. It’s what those principles should be.

Facebook is not getting rid of “extremism”. It’s getting rid of views they don’t want. And their open intention is to get the help of the government in wiping out non-leftist dissension. Whether or not it’s legal, it’s evil, twisted and wrong.


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