“Toxic masculinity”? Not buying it.

Here’s the problem with the idea of “toxic masculinity”. It doesn’t seek to replace “bad” masculinity with “good”, or rational, masculinity. It seeks to annihilate masculinity altogether.

If you asked an opponent of toxic masculinity what “healthy” masculinity consists of, you’ll either (a) get no answer, or (b) get an answer like, “Sensitive, empathic, emotional, giving.” In other words, you’ll get an answer describing a conventional definition of femininity.

This proves that the real purpose of defeating “toxic masculinity” is to destroy masculinity itself. No alternative to masculinity as we know it is ever offered.

Let’s say you ask an opponent of toxic masculinity the following: “What about assertiveness? What about rationality? How about reason and feelings over emotions?” You’ll either be greeted with a sneer or be ignored. Or you’ll be told those qualities are part of the problem.

What this means is that we have to accept the conventional definitions of masculinity and femininity, reject the masculine and only adopt the feminine.

Like the traditionalists, today’s post-modern feminists assume that men are thinkers and doers, while women are feelers and givers. Unlike the traditionalists, the post-modern feminists claim: Feeling and giving are superior to thinking and doing.

The psychological and intellectual dishonesty here is fascinating. The leftist/progressive/feminist types condemning “toxic masculinity” claim to be against rigid or traditional role models. They claim to dislike stereotypes. But in order to accept their demolishing of masculinity, you must first accept the conventional and rigid stereotypes of men as aggressive and rational, and of women as passive, emotional and irrational — and adopt the latter stereotype as morally superior.

So before you bow your heads in political correctness, feeling you must join in the condemnation against “toxic masculinity” and all things male as our cultural icons now demand, make sure you realize what you’re doing. You’re endorsing a world that will never exist, and shouldn’t exist: A universe where reason, strength, and confidence are gone and where obedience, passivity and emotionalistic “snowflakery” rule.

It’s a world where there is no masculinity and where any men who choose to act like — well, like men — will morally and even politically be put down. By whom? By their female rulers and superiors, of course.

Consider the kind of person who would want you to adopt such a value system. It has nothing whatsoever to do with being progressive or tolerant. It’s the kind of mentality to prepare you for authoritarian control. If men and women both become helpless over their emotions, and reject assertiveness and self-control in favor of submission, then … the rulers get to feel superior and ultimately take over.

It’s sick, it’s irrational and it’s bad for you. Yes, just like almost everything else being pushed as wisdom and reason today.

The real toxic people are the ones pushing the idea of “toxic masculinity”. You listen to them at your peril.



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