Why the Opioid War is Futile

I don’t get all the talk about “saving lives” from drug addiction by the federal government seizing as many opioids as it can. You cannot save people who don’t wish to be saved.

Alcohol and drug addicts are notorious liars. They’re often good-hearted and honest people about everything else, but not about their substances.

They will stop when they’re good and ready, and ONLY once they’re good and ready. Family members, therapists and loved ones — as well as former addicts — know this all too well.

The idea that the federal government can step in and “save lives” in some kind of anti-opioid campaign is absurd.

You cannot save a single life who does not wish to be saved. You cannot “make” someone wish to live who does not wish to live; and drug abuse is a slow suicide, a living death.

People who want opioids WILL GET THEM no matter what the government does or does not do.

What a futile, wasted effort to enlist police (federal or local) in the task of monitoring and/or controlling people’s drug habits when they really should spend time on rapists, thieves, terrorists and murderers. The government should keep its focus on protecting rights, which includes the right to life. But saving people from themselves is something no government will EVER do. Why? Because nobody can do it. It’s delusional and breathtakingly arrogant of government officials to think they can. Grow up, people.


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