Never Stop Tweeting, President Trump

I am sick of people saying, “I wish President Trump would stop tweeting”.

The only people I hear saying this are leftist socialist Democrats and the Never Trump faux Republicans.

They know full well that if one of their guys or gals were President, they’d want the tweeting.

What they’re really saying is, “I don’t want President Trump to communicate with his supporters”. They want him to shut up. Because if he shuts up, we can go back to pretending our American republic isn’t in dire trouble fiscally, morally and politically.

Socialist Democrats don’t know what it’s like to support a candidate who isn’t uncritically covered by the media and academic establishment. Yet they would still rely on Twitter for communication just as President Trump does. And President Trump has virtually ZERO support in the establishment media.

So my attitude is to double down: Keep up the tweeting, Mr. President. The more they scream, the more you know you’re on the right track.


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