“Silence is Golden” Says the Leftists to Dissenters

Dave Rubin tweeted the following this morning:

Of course the Left is moving to “speech is incitement.” First they did “everyone I don’t like is a Nazi”, then it was “you can punch Nazis”, now it is “speech is incitement” and next it’ll be “you can jail the Nazis over speech”.


Bingo. I have been predicting this for years.

Logically, “snowflakery” leads to the end of free speech.

If I’m a snowflake, and what you say offends me, then I experience an emotional meltdown whenever you say it. Therefore, you have to be silenced.

My mental health requires it. My right to feel comfortable mandates it.

It’s what they mean when they call for codes and restrictions on “hate speech”. It’s the language of snowflakes, the up and coming generation. THIS is the end of the road of the rotten, flawed premises of the leftists.

We are reaching the end of that road.

The next big battle in our society will be over the preservation — or elimination — of free speech.

Be ready.


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