The World’s Going Crazy Because of Crazy Ideas

“Man sets himself ablaze on Pennsylvania Avenue, and North Lawn is cleared” …[Fox News]

The world is going crazy! Why?

We’re told to find something “greater than ourselves”. That’s supposed to be the purpose of life, goodness and everything. Precisely the opposite is true. It’s a horrendous error.

The moment you look to something or someone else — a person, a Being, a group, anything — to do the work only your own mind can do for you is the moment you start to be in trouble.

A lot of us wonder how a world as great and advanced as ours could be going insane. That’s why.

Societies are nothing more than mass numbers of individuals. With more and more people looking for something greater than themselves to do the work of living for them, it’s no wonder insanity, neurosis and the like are on the rise.

It’s no wonder we have raised a generation of snowflakes incapable of coping with life. How could they be any different? Most of us taught them “the answer” resides outside of themselves.

Not true.

The answer is within yourself. The answers reside in your ability and willingness to think rationally, make decisions, draw conclusions and accept the responsibility of acting on them.

Nobody can, will or should do any of this for you!

Once you understand and accept all this, you will attain serenity and will not risk falling for the false promises of something or someone else coming to rescue you.



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