Thank You Dr. Hurd for all you do

I started checking out your website back in November. I’ve been reading your articles, going backwards chronologically, and I just got into December of 2015. Exposing myself to article after article for months now has made my life so much better. I’m not an articulate speaker, so I hope I can convey to you how much this has meant to me. With this exposure to reason and wisdom through your articles, my thinking has become clearer; I am passionate about using reason and valuing my mind; and my relationships [are much better]. Another huge area has been with your articles on grief … I had so many close people tell me I needed to get over it, and move on. What you said in your article on November 14, 2018, “What people in grief usually want”, was exactly what I needed to hear. ‘You’re never going to get over this, and that’s OK. You’re not always going to feel like you do right now, but whenever you think about the loss, you’ll feel sad. Forever allowing a part of yourself to grieve is a way to stay loyal to your lost loved one. And, over time, you’ll begin to see that it’s equally loyal to go on with your own life as well.” I have read this a bunch of times, and keep going back to it. It’s SO what I needed to hear, all of it. Thank you ever SO much!!!!

Dr. Hurd, thank you for all of the writing that you do, and for making it available so easily on the internet! I can read the articles on all of my electronic devices, and it’s especially nice on my laptop, because I can easily print out the articles I want to read over and over.

Just to keep reading about all of the various topics, over and over, is helping me to use reason in all areas of my life.

I’m only into December of 2015 now, and I’m thrilled that I have so many years more of your articles to read!! And if I ever get through them all, I can start over.