The Battle is Long-Term and Beyond Trump’s Presidency

House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y., speaking to “Fox News Sunday,” vowed that congressional investigators will press on and continue to investigate President Trump while warning of a possibly unfolding Justice Department “cover-up,” even as he acknowledged that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has apparently closed his investigation without indicting a single American for illegally colluding with Russia.

TRANSLATION: We don’t care about the facts. We don’t care about proof. We only know what we feel. What we feel is true, and we won’t stop feeling it.

Lunatics and madmen. What’s wrong with Americans who put these people in charge of half of Congress?

Funny how these twits want total transparency on the Mueller report, and not so much when dealing with the Obama administration’s efforts to thwart the 2016 election, spy on Trump, etc. This is what happens when you give bad people power.

Poor Rachel Maddow and all her fellows on MSBNC, CNN and the rest of the media that had been counting on the Mueller investigation to yield fruit. Life in an intellectual echo chamber must be difficult, given that facts are stubborn things. Especially when you make millions and detest capitalism, like Maddow.

Dissension and self-assertion are things that established politicians cannot stand. It makes them crazy. It’s a good thing. Deplorables and other dissenters: Triple down and never give in to their threats to disarm peaceful citizens, control the economy, and restrict freedom of speech.

It’s a long-term battle and it will go beyond Trump’s presidency.

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