Meltdown on the Media Left … Of Course!

“Mainstream media, celebrities stunned as Mueller report filed with no new indictments planned”, says Fox News.

Of course they’re melting down. In their Orwellian universe, facts are supposed to support the theory, not the other way around. Even their hopelessly biased Mueller could not deliver the truth as they want it to be…because it’s simply not true!

Ding dong, the witch hunt is over.

Just kidding, of course. It will never be over.

Trump supporters want Dems jailed for breaking laws. Dems want Trump jailed for his views. Can’t let it happen in America.

Russian collusion or climate change…Today’s True Believers and paranoid conspiracy theorists are on the left, not the right.

It has nothing to do with justice, or even President Trump. It’s the Democratic Party’s attempt to impose one-party rule on America, like they already have in media and academia. America will not go down without a fight. President Trump’s entire presidency is proof of that.


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