Don’t You Miss Obama’s Lectures?

New Zealand mosque slaughter latest in growing trend of mass violence in houses of worship…[FoxNews]…“Targeting people in a place of worship is abhorrent and an affront to all,” said Marise Payne, Australia’s minister for foreign affairs. At least one of the four people arrested in connection to the attack was said to be a native of Australia.

If Obama were President now, he’d say, “Let’s have an international conversation about why we hate Muslims so much, and how we’re all guilty, in a way, for this tragedy.” Of course, he’d never say the same if the attack were on a synagogue or Christian church. Guilt only applies when it serves the leftist narrative.
Leftists and socialists–who overwhelmingly dominate academia and media–spend endless hours trying to inculcate us all with unearned guilt.

Left out of the “conversation” will be things like separation of church and state, which leftists no longer want because it offends most of their Muslim constituents; or the protection of the Second Amendment, which permits any private property owner — including people in churches — to defend themselves by force, if necessary.

“The disturbing trend has prompted many states to implement or consider legislation allowing people to carry concealed weapons in houses of worship. Permission to lawfully carry a firearm in a religious institution ranked among the top 10 categories covered by gun law measures that states considered last year.”

You can count on Joe Biden, AOC, Elizabeth Warren and all the other twits on the left to oppose such legislation.
Our rulers want to make us feel guilty, but they don’t want us free. What does it say about them that they’re so sadistic? And what does it say about most of us that we permit it?



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