President Trump & Social Security vs. The Lying Media

In an MSN article, President Trump gets heavily criticized for breaking campaign promises not to cut Social Security.

However, as the article acknowledges, the bulk of the proposed cuts are for Social Security disability.

Social Security disability is a welfare program. It involves transfers of wealth from people who presently have the money to those who do not — from those who paid into Social Security to those who often never did. Drug addicts qualify, because drug abuse is considered a disabling medical disease.

Our Constitution does not authorize this.

If we’re really honest, the Constitution also did not authorize forcing people into government-run retirement programs at all, which is what Social Security is.

The economic reality is that we’d all be far richer without having to pay into Social Security than if we were permitted to save for retirement on our own. (IRA programs were enacted decades ago to help alleviate some of this problem).

I am so sick of dishonest media. Stop blaming Republicans and President Trump for the inherent DISHONESTY and INEFFICIENCY of government-run programs based on coercion, and that were never part of our Constitution and Bill of Rights in the first place.

He inherited this mess.

Medicare is a gathering storm even bigger than Social Security, as the government runs out of money. And while Nancy Pelosi’s Congress won’t let President Trump even touch the disability/welfare part of Social Security, we cannot borrow indefinitely into the future, with a national debt going into infinity.

It has to blow up somewhere … Government cannot spend indefinitely into infinity. No matter what Alexandria Occasional-Cortex claims.



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