Not All Millennials Are Idiots

I get these notes from readers quite a bit. I particularly like this one (posted with permission). Note: It’s from a millennial, a young man. Not ALL of them are irrational, socialist, etc. A nice reminder at a good time for me…

Dear Dr Hurd,

You don’t know it, but you’ve been counseling me for the last 8 months through your writing. Having recently graduated college, I was without a job and living with a boyfriend’s (very left-wing) parents. I had been depressed and angry for years and was starting to feel suicidal until I found your website while looking for an Objectivist psychologist. It was actually your political commentary, specifically your support of Trump, that caught my attention and has kept me looking forward to my “Daily Dose of Reason”. You have put words to the unknown feeling within me many times, giving me the foothold and the courage to slowly climb myself out of a (very deep, confusing) hole. Not to say that my life is fully recovered yet, but I have since taken the action to start my career, find my own place, and even lose some weight.

I don’t think you mind that I’ve been freeloading off of you. After all, I found you myself, study and weigh your arguments myself, am taking the actions to improve my life myself, and refer others to your website when appropriate. Still, I’d like you to know that there’s one more rational, independent (and ambitious as hell) mind out there on your side.



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