“Green” New Deal or the Gold of Capitalism? No Comparison!

The environmentalist movement was never about smog, pollution or even global warming. In the minds of naive people who fell for the propaganda, it was. But the reality was always implicit. The environmentalist movement was always about control. And shame.

The “Green New Deal” has exposed the environmentalist movement for what it is. It has made the insanity explicit.

If you want to sum up environmentalism, you might call it urban religion. It’s an expression of guilt. “You live in a land of plenty. It’s shameful.”

Today’s environmentalists are the modern Puritans. They’re repressive, shaming and hostile to comfort and pleasure. They want to outlaw most of it. They want to make you feel ashamed of yourself for not feeling the same way.

Ayn Rand nailed it (as usual) when she wrote:

Without machines and technology, the task of mere survival is a terrible, mind-and-body-wrecking ordeal. In “nature,” the struggle for food, clothing and shelter consumes all of a man’s energy and spirit; it is a losing struggle—the winner is any flood, earthquake or swarm of locusts. (Consider the 500,000 bodies left in the wake of a single flood in Pakistan; they had been men who lived without technology.) To work only for bare necessities is a luxury that mankind cannot afford. [source: The Ayn Rand Lexicon]

Environmentalists count on you to feel a sense of unearned guilt for living in a land of plenty, a world of comfort and a world of ease. It’s as if you’re somehow offending “Nature”. A more conventionally religious person would call this God. Environmentalists are urban, highly educated and elite types, for the most part. They don’t talk of God but they do speak of an unseen force to which you must answer. That force is nature — earth as it would be in a state without any human habitation whatsoever. THAT is the ideal to the environmentalists.

Today’s environmentalists make no apologies. We must outlaw all fossil fuels. We must do away with airplanes. We must literally tear down EVERY building and start from scratch. Environmentalists have not gone mad so much as they have become consistent. And look what they want to do to us.

What’s wrong with being comfortable? What’s wrong with progress? How much better is life with fossil fuels than without them? Sure, we should find better and better means of using energy to make life even more comfortable. But shutting down civilization as we know it will not accomplish that. It will take us back to the Stone Age. Is that how we’re supposed to make life on earth better — for human beings?

At some point, you have to understand: Environmentalism is not about bettering life for humans. If anything, it’s about destroying the capacity of humans to function on earth. It’s about throwing us back to an earlier era where life was inconceivably difficult, compared to now.

Environmentalists are the new Puritans. They want you to feel shame so that they may control what you do. That’s all you need to know.

They promise us a Utopian land of “green”. Green means free of man’s influence. If you hate yourself and your life that much, then perhaps you should join them in their Green New Deal. But if you care anything at all for living a rational and comfortable existence — an existence that can improve indefinitely into the future — then you had better turn to the GOLD, not the green, of economic freedom and scientific, technological progress.

There’s no comparison.


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