We Already Have Socialism in America: The Projects

President Trump mocked Rep. Ocasio-Cortex’s “Green New Deal”:

It sounds like a high school term paper that got a low mark. It would shut down American energy which — I don’t think the people of Texas are going to be happy with that. (boos) It would shut down a little thing called air travel. How do you take a train to Europe? (laughter) You know, this crazy senator from Hawaii, they said, “Do you like it?” “Yes, I like it very much.” Oh really? How are we getting to Hawaii on a train? (laughter) She didn’t think about that one but she’s thinking about it. She’ll figure it out.

Socialism and environmentalism are not about improving life for anyone.

They’re only about making it look like you care about the things you want to be seen as caring about — a clean environment and the reduction of misery for all.

But if you REALLY and TRULY cared about the reduction of misery for all, you’d support capitalism — not socialism. Capitalism has lifted the standard of living. With each passing generation, under unhampered capitalism (a rare thing), the poorest are as well off as the middle class in the prior generation or two.

Granted, capitalism does not guarantee equality of income. But people are not equal in ability, motivation or drive. So why should everyone be equal in condition? How can you guarantee such things without injustice and stagnation — or worse?

And if your answer is, “It’s only fair”, then your solution will be socialism. But socialism does not create one bit of wealth. It only redistributes wealth that was already created before socialism came into existence. Socialism rides on the remnants — the crumbs — of prior efforts under a free market.

That’s why socialism sells well in countries that were already poor. The poor are unhappy, so they’re looking for an alternative. In their current country, they already have socialism or some other version of command-and-control economics. Socialism merely means switching the leaders who will determine your destiny and keep you stagnant.

If you want to see socialism in America, visit any of our inner city projects. They are miserable places. They are funded entirely by the government. If we didn’t have large elements of capitalism in the rest of society — yes, if we didn’t have the hated rich as well as the middle class — then these projects would not exist. They are paid for by the people who do have money to be taxed.

Yet the projects show us what socialism looks like, both in theory and practice. They’re miserable pits of stagnation infested with drug-related and other crimes the government cannot really control. They stay this way from one generation to the next. The projects came into existence in earnest with the establishment of the hard-core socialist welfare state in the 1960s. In a sick, disturbing twist of irony, these programs were called, “The Great Society”. Five decades later that welfare state spends (and borrows) more than ever, and the projects are just as miserable. So long as we keep socialism for the inner cities, they will always be this way — five decades from now, even five centuries from now.

The case against socialism and in favor of capitalism is so staggering and so overwhleming that it defies all rational human control to even bring oneself to say it. It’s like having to argue, “There IS a sun. There IS a sky. There ARE eyes on my face, and a nose on yours.” It’s beyond ridiculous. I am a mental health professional, and I have worked in mental hospitals with schizophrenic and manic depressive people. I can handle that. But it’s so difficult to watch the most educated and elite of a society — and their sheep-like followers — take us down a path of insanity unlike anything I ever witnessed in a mental hospital.

Wake up America. Start to think for yourselves. I cherish the fact that Donald Trump is in the White House, and is here to appropriately mock these absurd characters like “Occasional Cortex”, Elizabeth Warren and all the others too many have elevated to undeserved high office. But Donald Trump cannot save us from ourselves. At some point, we have to step up and maintain our own sanity — and survival.


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