Anti-Gay is OK — When It’s Iran

A 31-year-old man was publicly hanged in Kazeroon, Iran, on January 10. The charges against him included the kidnapping of two 15-year-old boys and violations of Iran’s strict Sharia-based anti-gay laws.

The Iranian Student News Agency (ISNA) reported that the man had allegedly kidnapped two 15-year-old boys — but noted that the charges of sexual intercourse with another man carried the death penalty.

The identity of the man was not revealed, and according to a report from the Jerusalem Post, the city’s residents “thanked the judiciary” for carrying out the sentence.

The Post also noted Iran’s history with regard to the treatment of homosexuals, citing a WikiLeaks dump revealing that some 4,000–6,000 Iranians convicted of homosexual infractions had been executed between 1979–2008 alone. (Source: The Daily Caller 1/29/19)

We live in remarkable times.

If you question or challenge Islam in any way, you are branded a “racist” — as if religion (an ideological choice) were the same as one’s racial make-up (a biological given.)

If you question homosexuality, you’re a homophobe.

If you challenge former President Obama’s giveaway of billions of dollars to Iran, you’re a Trump supporter and — therefore — you guessed it, a racist. Yet Iran is the most homophobic regime on the planet right now.

Note that in Muslim Iran, it’s not just sex with minors that carries the death penalty. It’s sex with the same gender, even among consenting adults. That’s the issue at stake.

So being anti-gay is bad and wrong — unless it’s a regime leftists like, such as fundamentalist and totalitarian Iran. How do these leftists square all these contradictory positions? I guess it comes from only talking to each other. They all affirm each other in their contradictory or mistaken views. They feel secure and comfortable that if their friends — all leftists, all fellow Obama and Democratic supporters — give their approval, then it must be true. They get their truth from the group, which subjects them to all kinds of errors, biases and almost humerous contradictions.

But facts are stubborn things. I don’t know of anybody questioning the fact that Iran openly and happily persecutes gays in the most horrible way imaginable, violating their dignity, their liberty and their core individual rights.

Yet the same people who will not permit homophobia or irrational actions against gay persons will fight to the death, it seems, for the preservation of a regime whose central purpose is to enact the worst crimes against gay people seen since the similarly anti-Jewish, anti-gay Nazi regime of the 1930s and 1940s.

We live in remarkable times. Not in a good way.

I can only assume one thing. Leftists hate anti-gay prejudice. But they love totalitarian government control more. So when it comes to making a choice between supporting or condemning anti-gay, totalitarian Iran — their choice is clear.


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