Lunch at the White House: The Latest Leftist Outrage

President Trump is being mocked and condemned. Why this time? For inviting athletes to the White House and serving them fast food — for free, of course, and out of his own pocket. Because of the partial government shutdown, normal services for providing food to White House guests was not available. [Story here]

It’s another example of how the President can do no right, not in the eyes of persons who would forgive ANYTHING (and have) with a President Bill or Hillary Clinton, or with a Barack Obama.

One complaint? It’s “stereotypical” of the President to assume that athletes eat junk food.

Really? Does this mean if President Trump had served only meatless dishes, or Paleo diet dishes, or anything else in particular, that he wouldn’t also be criticized for being stereotypical? Since when is what the White House serves as food for guests (especially during a government shutdown) supposed to be a statement about anything? And if it IS a statement, then how is he to be all things to all people, and select something that satisfies everyone?

The President’s actions show two things. One, he’s no hypocrite. He really believes in what he’s doing. If he didn’t, he wouldn’t be serving food out of his own pocket for a government shutdown triggered in part by an impasse over the border wall he passionately believes in. His Democratic opponents will not budge on a position they willingly held just a few short years ago. Anything and everything a leftist Democratic President does is cooed over as a matter of principle. Anything and everything any other Republican President does is likewise cooed over with approval — only after he’s dead, of course, and never at the time.

This is so sickening. Leftists in media, academia and — in this instance — the “nutrition industry” are playing to their own crowd. They’re playing to the people who presumably want the polar opposite of what President Trump offers — people who want open borders, unlimited social welfare and social insurance programs for the entire planet (paid for by Americans), unlimited tax rates (90 percent last I checked), totally government-controlled medicine, and repeal (literally) of the Second Amendment and (for all practical purposes) repeal of the First Amendment.

They scream and shriek about what President Trump serves for food at the White House because they will not defend what they really stand for. THAT’S what we should be talking about. And be outraged about.


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