Should Border Wall Funding Go to Education, Health Care and Welfare?

I’m tired of the argument, “The money for the border wall is better spent on health care, education, and welfare.”

First of all, the border has to do with national security. Our Constitution requires the federal government to provide for a national defense. The border is part of that. The Constitution does not provide for charity, schooling, medical care, and all the other things the federal government is now $22 trillion in debt for spending.

If you think the border wall is a bad use of money for national defense, and you have better ideas for how to provide for national defense, then make the case for that. If you think we spend enough on national defense and don’t need to spend additional money, then the $5 billion President Trump wants for the border wall should be returned to the people to whom it belongs, or at least applied to the national debt.

By the way, we spend trillions and trillions already on medical care and education. How impressive is our government-run education system? If it’s even one-tenth as wonderful as the people who wish to spend trillions more on it claim it is, then why do we have to keep spending more and more on it?

Ditto for health care. Before Obamacare, we had tons of red tape and bureaucracy driving up the cost of care. Now we have even more red tape and bureaucracy, as any doctor or hospital will tell you. Health care and health insurance are more expensive than ever.

I am sick of people who want national security being on the defensive about spending for the one and only thing the Constitution mandates: National security, including border security.

It’s the opponents of national security who should be on the defensive. What business do we have being $22 trillion dollars in debt, not for spending on needed national defense, but for spending on things the private and voluntary sectors could (and already do) handle much more efficiently, humanely and inexpensively? And like I said: The Constitution provides for NONE of these things, because our nation’s founders understood that it would be disastrous for government to act outside its proper boundaries.

I don’t care if polls allegedly say most people would rather spend money on other programs than a border wall. You can find polls that say the opposite, too. In all honesty, most people are ignorant, especially when it comes to matters related to the federal government and the U.S. Constitution.

Ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance is slowly killing us. Enlightenment would consist of facing facts and being willing to see things as they are.



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