Term Limits for Supreme Court Justices?

Term limits for Supreme Court justices misdiagnoses the problem.

The incorrect diagnosis with such a “cure” is that a life-time term is too long. If justices have shorter terms, goes the reasoning, then we’ll have fewer problems.

But that’s not the problem. The problem isn’t with justices who serve too long. The problem is with justices who rule the wrong way again, and again and again.

A justice who upholds the Bill of Rights cannot serve long enough. We want a lifetime term for those justices.

We want justices who uphold private property rights, the right to keep what one earns, the right to free speech (on one’s own property or in one’s own webspace) and the right to own weapons of self-defense. We need more of them, not just on the Supreme Court (which does not hear every single case), but on federal and lower courts, as well.

The Supreme Court is appointed by the President of the United States, subject to Senate confirmation. If we want a better Supreme Court, we need better presidents. Given the completely anti-Constitutional, anti-Bill of Rights direction of the Democratic Party, it’s clearly better to have a Republican President (or an independent one, like Donald Trump) than a Democratic one. This is not to deny the contradictions or flaws with the Republican appointments to the Court; it’s merely to point out the unrelentingly, uncompromisingly wrong views and decisions of the leftist judges who care little or nothing for the very things the Constitution was written to uphold.

Under a leftist and Democratic Supreme Court, America will go down for sure. Under a different Court, we may have a fighting chance, at least for another generation, at least for semi-freedom.

If you love the Constitution, don’t waste your time fighting for 5, 9 or 18 year terms for both good and bad justices. Fight for good justices. Under our system, the best way to do that is to elect the best President you can and a Senate likely to back up the President.

Happily, that’s our present circumstance. It’s far from perfect, but it may be the only firewall we have against a complete socialist or otherwise leftist/fascist dictatorship.


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