It’s No Longer About The Wall

The border wall debate is over. It’s not going to happen — unless private funds are secured, or unless President Trump pulls a rabbit out of a hat and can find defense money to do it.

The House of Representatives will never vote for the money, not under Nancy Pelosi’s rule. And it never would have under Paul Ryan’s, either. It’s time to face facts.

The debate isn’t really about the wall. There are pro- and con- debates on the wall. It has morphed into a debate over open borders.

Democrats and leftists want essentially open borders. It’s insane. No free country can have open borders. Why? Because open borders will let in terrorists and others who mean harm. But in a welfare state — a massive, entitlement-based redistribution-of-wealth state, which we have — it’s an open door for moochers and a permanent class of citizens dependent on the government.

Whatever you think of President Trump’s border wall, it’s no longer about just a border wall. It’s about open-ended, worldwide socialism. It’s actually about turning the United States into the supplier of wealth, services and income for the entire world. Let’s be real: This was always the Marxist dream. And they’re poised to get it. Because once you have open borders, everyone is treated as a citizen, which is what leftists want. And all of these persons now treated as citizens will be immediately and permanently hooked on American education, health care, welfare, social insurance and endless welfare schemes.

The lame duck Republican House of Representatives has done what’s in character for them: Kicked the issue down the road for the next Congress. Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) summed it up perfectly. He mocked the idea of Senate and House Republicans passing a stopgap spending bill that includes no money for a border wall that also punts the issue down the road in two months when Democrats have control of the House. “That’d be so much better if we just wait to have this fight until Nancy Pelosi has the gavel,” Gohmert said sarcastically. “Gee, why didn’t I think of that? That is so much better.” [Source: Breitbart 12-20-18]

I didn’t vote for President Trump primarily because of the border wall. The border wall may be debatable, but the principle behind it is not: America is a free and sovereign nation. Or at least, it should be. If we’ve reached the point where we’ve become so socialist, and so against our own Constitution, that we can’t even separate the land of individual rights and freedom from the rest of the world symbolically and physically, then we’re sadly done. America’s founders risked life, limb and sacred honor … so corrupt politicians can expand their power base.

President Trump was the last man standing in favor not just of a border wall, but of things like the First Amendment and Second Amendment. These things were not always controversial. Now it seems that the Democratic Party has completely abandoned them, and much of the established Republican Party has as well.

Those of us who want to preserve or expand the remnants of what America started out as will continue to fight for the liberties that made our country the greatest experiment in all of human history. That will never be undone — even if those in power (outside of President Trump) are doing their best to actively dismantle it all as we speak. What else can we do, but go on fighting until there’s nothing left to fight for? Or until we win.

In the end, the bad guys who populate Washington DC cannot win. They are impotent because they are moochers, parasites and morally flawed people of the worst kind. They only win so long as the people don’t elevate themselves and their standards to aspire to rational, liberty-loving and life-loving principles. Many of us are there, but many still are not. For that reason, our country and civilization still hang in the balance.


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