Mattis Trumps the Treason of the Obama Years

Let’s be real. There was nowhere to go but up after the Obama administration, especially in terms of defense.

For eight long years, Obama lectured Americans on how their alleged prejudice against Islam — an ideology openly committed to the destruction of the United States and all things Western — was the cause of terrorist acts such as 9/11. And then the climax: Billions of dollars handed over to the # 1 state sponsor of terrorism, Iran, for the sake of “peace.” What happened? As the evidence has shown, Iran went on to do precisely what it said it would: build a nuclear bomb to destroy Israel and eventually the United States.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand that President Trump and Secretary of Defense Mattis did a lot in the last two years to reverse at least some of the damage inflicted on American interests and security by the Obama administration.

According to what we can best infer, Mattis resigned from his post today because of disagreements with President Trump over withdrawing from Syria. It’s certainly a topic on which reasonable people can disagree. Trump ran on the platform that the United States is not the world’s policeman, and that American forces should only be used to repel a specific and direct threat to the United States. Syria does not qualify, and it never did. Mattis evidently did not agree, which probably explains the timing of his resignation, the day after it’s announced American troops are to be withdrawn from Syria.

The media — most of whom despise President Trump as well as Secretary Mattis, at least until the moment he resigned — want to turn this into evidence of chaos in the Trump administration. It’s media bias, for sure. But if this is chaos, at least it’s not treason. The Obama administration deliberately, repeatedly and relentlessly acted against American interests every chance it could. Obama’s “warriors” of the Constitution nearly gutted our military. Obama was at war with the United States, and its founding principles of liberty and individual rights, more than he was ever at war with America’s actual enemies. On Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s watch, ISIS formed, grew and began to do damage not only overseas in places like Syria, but on American soil as well. Since Trump and Mattis took office, ISIS has effectively been destroyed and Islamic terrorism against America has waned, to say the least.

In an odd way, Mattis and President Trump are the victims of their own success. They have done such a good job with our already great military, that there’s nothing left to do but squabble over whether we should get out of Syria now, or in 2020 or 2022.

None of this matters to the media. Like the Democratic Party they support, they are on the other side. Those of us who love America and its remaining freedoms can applaud Secretary of Defense Mattis and the work he and President Trump did to make America a safer place. That’s what the Constitution requires of them, after all. For that, both of them deserve our thanks.

As for the media: Shut the hell up. You ARE an enemy of the American people, and your views and opinions simply do not matter. Not to rational, freedom-loving people.


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