Dr. Hurd: You “Bolster and Sustain Many” in Your Writings

It was important for me to communicate my thanks to you, for many reasons, but primarily to indicate you are joined in your and our fight for properly restrained government, respect of individual property, rights and freedoms, and the rule of law applied and enforced, equally, across the board, regardless of who, when, where, tempered where circumstances and law allow, and seem merited. It seems, to many of us, older and having endeavored to work, live and raise our children to be responsible and grateful for their choices, efforts and futures, that the insanity ball is rolling, unstoppably downhill. While that may be or seem true, I and they, will not surrender any of those rights and freedoms, without a fight. Your efforts and writings bolster and sustain many, besides us, I believe. You aren’t alone.