One Reason People Will Not Change Their Minds

The following is a post of mine from Facebook when I was asked why people are so stubborn about changing their minds, even in the face of overwhelming evidence, as with socialism:

A friend of mine once told me of a conversation he had with a hard-left Democrat from Massachusetts. The friend wanted him to read some of my articles, and better still some of Ayn Rand’s essays and books. The person replied, “Why would I want to do that? Why would I want to challenge or turn upside down everything I always believed?” It was an honest statement of the man’s dishonesty, if it’s possible to put it that way. Of all the anecdotes or examples I could provide, that’s one of the worst, yet also one of the most revealing I have yet to encounter. The horrible truth is that some people don’t want to know the truth. This was 10 or 12 years ago. Now it’s much worse. All the virtue-signaling, phony commitment to self-sacrifice as virtue, outright nihilism and subjectivism are all coming out in the open as never seen before. If there’s anything good to say, it’s finally all out there, exposed for what it is.


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