Why Leftists, Socialists and Democrats are a Mob Movement

“Mob chants threats outside Tucker Carlson’s D.C. home” is the latest headline.

You notice how it’s never a mob outside of Jim Acosta’s home? Or Barack Obama’s home in D.C.? Or Joe Biden’s in Delaware? It’s always a leftist mob, and never a right wing mob.

It makes sense. Leftism is hard core collectivism. It’s socialism. It’s the group.

It’s the anti-mind. The opposite of the mind is the mob. The mob appeals to leftists. Even leftists who don’t camp outside of the homes of intellectuals or media figures with whom they disagree will tell you, “There’s strength in numbers. Power to the people.” Of course, they only mean power to certain types of people. To their kind of people. To people who believe in socialist bureaucratic rules, laws, forced wealth redistribution and all the rest.

It takes a mob to force a village — or even an individual — to do the mob’s bidding. The individual is the greatest threat to the socialist left. That’s why guns have got to go. When an individual has a means of self-defense against a tyrannical government — the main purpose of the Second Amendment — then the socialist view of the world, where the individual submits to the mob, is threatened.

But it’s deeper than that. The mob must ultimately sacrifice the mind. That’s why proposals for President Trump and the Democratic House of Representatives to “work together” on “internet/social media regulation” is insane. If it happens, it will be the end of the First Amendment, because the left will lie to President Trump about their real goal, to erase all non-left wing opinion from the culture. Regulations will slant Twitter, Facebook and other media even more against dissenting conservative/rational voices than they presently do. Fortunately, President Trump will probably not fall for it, but any future Republican President or Congress most definitely would, because Republicans are generally fools.

We have to fight for the mind if we’re to defeat the mob. The mind means capitalism. Capitalism is not mainly about materialism. It’s mainly about the individual’s moral and political right to use his mind in the pursuit of productive, commercial enterprise and to keep the fruits of his labor. Capitalism isn’t mainly about wealth, although it’s the only system that creates wealth and comfort for everybody; capitalism is mainly about the mind. Ayn Rand (“Atlas Shrugged”) taught me that, and she was right on the money.

President Trump is more of a pragmatic and psychological force than a philosophical one. But his theme in the recent election campaign that Democrats are the party of the mob is a philosophically accurate one. It’s the mind Democrats must obliterate if they are to attain the control over our bodies and lives they so crave. Those of us who love life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness must stand up to these totalitarian-minded bullies with everything we’ve got — not only with defensive physical force, but with our minds, most of all.



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