A Psychological Take on the Election

Don’t get me wrong. I’m more disgusted than I can convey that Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters will dominate the House of Representatives and control the agenda there. I am no Pollyanna. It’s a serious problem.

But there are silver linings.

One is that it may buy time for our constitutional system of government. Right now, Democrats are riding on an artificial high. It was supposed to be a Blue Wave, and what they got was far from that. But we won’t think of that now. They think they’re going to get Donald Trump and all who support him. They will rediscover, soon enough, that the House of Representatives is not enough for them to take over America. Even if they had taken over the whole Congress — and even if they got back the White House too, for that matter — they cannot impose their will on half the population, including the millions of people who voted into office all those Republican Senators yesterday. They are still not the majority, not in the way that matters for them to impose their will on the entire population of the United States.

The silver lining? Democrats have gone insane. Voters have released that insanity into the chamber of the U.S. House of Representatives. It’s quite literally going to look like a mental hospital in there. But there may be some good in all of it. It gives these ludicrous people an official setting to play out their issues, their delusions and their irrational grandiosity in a way that makes them feel like they’re accomplishing something. They will probably push for an impeachment vote. But what will it look like when that vote goes down in flames? Will it even come to a vote in the House, and then how will it fare in the decisive Republican majority in the Senate? It will be sad and disturbing, for sure. But it will also be somewhat comical, in the sense that Democratic absurdity will become even more evident than it already has on the internet and the streets.

If anyone other than Donald Trump were in the White House, I would be somewhat more concerned about impeachment threats. But this is a scenario scripted for Donald Trump. He thrives on this kind of challenge. He is a master of the media as much as the high-end real estate market, and everyone who loves OR hates him already knows that. Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters, as well as the other self-evidently preposterous Democratic caricatures in D.C., are stepping right into a spectacularly self-defeating drama. Democrats will not be able to pass anything. They will not be able to override the President’s vetoes. They can stop his efforts to cut taxes further, but they will have to answer for that at the polls in 2020. Think about it. Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi are now the faces of the Democratic Party. If you were a Democrat, is THIS what you’d really want?

Don’t get me wrong. It’s bad that the Democrats have taken the House of Representatives. But the sad reality is that many Americans support this socialist, statist, entirely empty and virtue-signaling insanity. If they hadn’t got their way in the House, we’d probably face even more civil warfare on the streets and in the media than we’re already seeing.

Let them have their outlet and turn the U.S. House of Representatives into an insane asylum. And let’s see how well it works out for them.


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